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Alnuaimi Associates Int'l. Inc. is a general trading house in the United States that was established in 1985 as a trading, consulting, and products promotion company. Since then, we have evolved into a diversified consulting company involved in many consumer goods, such as: Laptops, Personal Computers, clothing, shoes, hardware products, gift items, personal care products, cars and trucks and other consumer goods.

      Since its establishment in the state of Illinois,
Alnuaimi Associates Int'l. Inc.  has been in good standing and in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Through the various joint venture programs with its network of US suppliers and manufacturers, the corporation has met all international export guidelines and requirements.

Our main objective is to work with companies and distributors from the United States interested in establishing a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship and developing a highly efficient distribution in the Middle East and Eastern Europe for American made products.

      Through its headquarters in Illinois as well as associate offices overseas, the company has created a strong customer base comprised of some important houses in the respective regions. We have a significant presence in the following Middle East markets: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Libya. We also have representation in Canada and Eastern Europe as well.

      Alnuaimi Associates Int'l. Inc., accomplishes its trading objectives by providing goods and services to its international customers from US suppliers and manufacturers desiring to establish business outside of their existing domestic base. The company's knowledge of the nuances of exporting and importing enable it to offer a service that is invaluable to both the participating exporter and the importer.  Please click here to see
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      Over the past ten years, Alnuaimi Associates Int'l. Inc. has grown significantly due to the excellent reputation the company has earned by the quality of service and fair business practices.


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