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  Trade with EgyptFAQ

Q: How will the orders be placed?
A: We will place our order directly with your company.

Q: How will you be promoting our products?
A: We will be introducing your products from brochures, samples, posters, and advertisements that you supply us with. At the trade show we will meet with our distributors from other countries in the Middle East and they will place their orders with us. We have offices and agents all over the Middle East.
All companies who sign a distribution agreement will be listed on our web site with a link directly connecting to their company web site.

Q: How will your orders be financed?
A: Our orders will be paid for before pick up/delivery with a Cashier's check or wire transfer.

Q: What is the time span you are requesting on the distribution agreement?
A: We request a minimum of 5 years.

Q: Do I have to register our products in the Middle East?
A: No. Our company will undertake the financial, distribution, sales, and registration concerns of your products.

Q: We are interested in marketing our product with you in Egypt. What do we do next?
A: We will send you a distribution agreement via email or you can send one of your own. These can also be requested through the Contact Us page. Two copies of this agreement should be signed by you and stamped with crop seal and Notarized by Notary Public. One copy should be sent via email and USPS to us and the other is kept by you for your records.

Q: Can we include a clause regarding arbitration should we need it?
A: Yes. You can include a clause regarding all arbitration for any dispute that will be in accordance with the American Arbitration Association.


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