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Alnuaimi Associates Intíl. Inc. supply our distributors and wholesalers from the Egypt and the Middle East with high quality products from American companies and manufacturers.  We have years of integrity and experience in all aspects of out business we will locate, quote and supply you with virtually any consumer goods you require. Our Products line range from Household Cleaning Products, Clothing for men, women and children, Ladies Intimate Apparel, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products and Healthcare Products.

Our Services are geared towards anyone who is looking to sell, buy, invest or distribute his products to Egypt and other other countries. These services include: Consulting, Sourcing, Quotations and Purchasing, Manufacturer Agent, Export Consulting and Product Promotion/branding.


Alnuaimi Associates Intíl. Inc. can help boost your company's export potential. We provide centralized, comprehensive, continuous personalized service to first-time as well as fledgling and experienced exporters. Alnuaimi Associates Intíl. Inc. Has the flexibility of going beyond the limited assistance available from diverse government agencies and will help you in areas such as:
  • identifying and analyzing overseas markets
  • developing and implementing an export marketing plan
  • trouble-shooting existing operational problems
  • identifying and analyzing your distribution problems

Our consultants' experience covers more than 20 years in Exporting including the development of new markets using different methods such as direct sales, joint ventures as well as finding representatives and agents. Export experience also encompasses foreign procurement practices, transactions in foreign exchange, chartering of freight, logistics, L/C and documentation

Whether you are large or small, well-established or an entrepreneur, if you are well-qualified, we can help you:

  • Obtain "Made in USA" consumer products
  • Identify and qualify suppliers
  • Make informed decisions about new products
  • Develop long-term relationships
  • Get reliable, competitive quotes and reliable delivery
  • Obtain favorable terms and deal financing
  • Obtain product samples
  • Complete product registrations
  • Develop private label and custom products
  • Appoint and service distributors in overseas markets

How We Can Help You?

Save Time Getting Started
Put Our Knowledge, Skills and Infrastructure to Work for You
Assess Opportunities, Test Markets, Initiate Business

Sell More
Learn Quickly What Works for Your Products
Benefit from Our Complete International Focus

Broaden Your Client Base
Leverage Our Clients and Contacts
Take Advantage of the Wide Preference for "Made in USA"

Enhance Worldwide Marketing
Expand Brand Recognition
Extend Product Life Cycles
Learn About New Competitors and Opportunities

Increase Profits and Effectiveness
Use Us to Complement or Substitute for In-house
Put International on a Solid Footing
Eliminate Receivables Problems; Our Payments Are Guaranteed
Save Key In-house Resources for the US Market

Our Expert Associates Can Also Help
Resolve International Financial Problems
Enhance Financial and Operational Procedures and Structures
Meet Interim Management Needs Resulting From
Resignation or Termination.


Boats, Computers & Automobile

Boats & Marine Equipment
Rebuilt, new, and good used Caterpillar Marine Engines are provided to our customers throughout the Middle East. An extensive rebuilding process in which the engines are completely disassembled, chemically cleaned, and reassembled using genuine Caterpillar replacement parts ensures that our customers will receive the quality and reliability they demand. Fully functional dynamometer testing is done on each engine to guarantee that the installation is trouble free. Engines can be arranged for use in Propulsion, Generator, or Auxiliary Service.


The Export Computer Exchange is a volume exporting company dedicated to supplying Middle Eastern companies with quality second hand computer equipment from the USA at wholesale volume pricing. Work with us for access to large quantities of quality used computer equipment and be highly competitive in your local markets. Having a large selection of equipment lots to match to your market demands along with competitive pricing and high quality will allow you to be a market leader in your region


Automobile & Trucks
Used Automobile Americans, Japanese and Europeans and we have the facility and technicians to cut all kind of automobiles and trucks and pack it to your specifications to be used as spar parts or as whole.



How We Can Help You?

Save Time Getting Started
Sell More

Broaden Your Client Base
Enhance Worldwide Marketing
Increase Profits and Effectiveness
Our Expert Associates Can Also Help



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